Sesame Crusted Sourdough
Sesame Crusted Sourdough

Sesame Crusted Sourdough

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Sesame Crusted Sourdough bread made by Spent Goods.

Ingredients: Organic spelt flour, water, organic whole wheat flour, organic white flour, brewery barley grains, salt, and non-commercial sourdough culture

  • 100% Vegan (e.g., no eggs, no dairy)
  • 100% Halal (we recover the barley before yeast is added that converts it into beer)
  • NO preservatives or additives
  • 85% whole grains
  • 100% of the flour used for this bread is grown in Ontario

Made in Toronto by the Spent Goods at Belle's Bakery with leftover barley grains from Henderson Brewing Co.

Non-refundable Bread is made fresh to order; that is why we cannot give refunds for bread orders that are cancelled within the same week.