Mixed Chicken and Beef Box
Mixed Chicken and Beef Box
Mixed Chicken and Beef Box

Mixed Chicken and Beef Box

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Introducing the Mixed Chicken and Beef Box from our partner NIKU Farms, a local Toronto business who is focused on supporting local small-scale meat farmers in Ontario. 

This package features 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef and pasture raised chicken* from Marita Fields farm:

  • 1 Whole Chicken (~4lb)
  • 1.4lb Chicken Breast (~1.4lb/pk)
  • 2.5lb Chicken Leg (~1.25lb/pk)
  • 3lb Beef Shank (~1lb/pk)
  • 3lb Ground Beef (1lb/pk)

The chicken are fed a supplementary diet that is locally grown and non-GMO, their favourite pastime is finding a natural diet in the grass fields. The chicken is only raised in the warmer months, when the grasses are lush. To keep the beef 100% grass fed, grasses are grown in the summer months, and stored to be used for feeding in winter months. Like the chickens, the cattle never receive any antibiotics or added growth hormones.

All items are individually vacuum wrapped, and flash frozen. It will be delivered in an insulated box with gel packs to ensure items stay frozen until you return home. The liners are biodegradable and water soluble. Gel pack contents are biodegradable as well.

* Content is subject to change without notice and may not look exactly as pictured